Sunday, April 29, 2012

The sock bun!

I have been searching for new hairstyles and had heard of the sock bun but my hair was too layered to make it look good, until now! I toughed it out and went for it and I LOVE the result! Effortlessly chic in a couple easy steps! (This video is where I first saw this method) DSCN5764 DSCN5768 I hope you try it! If you do let me know what worked for you! Maybe I'll share a couple more hair tricks I've dug up on the internet soon! <3 Cassie

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Small Happiness

Hello! Almost done with the semester so hopefully that means more and more posts! This first picture is of my wedding magazines and the start (of what I hope to be) my veil! Its an experiment but I'm trying not to go broke tying the knot so I will be hand making a lot of details in this wedding. DSCN5746 Also I have started a new journal today. One of my teachers, who is just amazing, always tells us, "what you don't know about yourself will rule you". I've been feeling quite overwhelmed lately, my room has been a disaster, I'm always working on homework last minute, and my diet is continually changing along with my weight (and usually not in a favorable direction). So I decided I would try to get to know myself and figure out what my stumbling blocks are. DSCN5753 My first revelation has been, if it can't be done perfectly, fully, or give me instant gratification; I give up. I have no patience! No patience= no production for me! My first order of business was to create a game out of cleaning for 10 minutes. Then after I praised myself for my work and forgave myself for not having it all the way done. Lets see if this method works! I hope all your lives are going well! Leave a comment! <3 Cassie

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photobucket Photobucket

Eating blueberries and fawning over my beautiful engagement ring. Just have to get through the next couple of weeks of school and then I get to dive into planning!

<3 Cassie