Friday, May 25, 2012

Date Night Hair

Hello! I finally have time to blog! It is SUPER great to have free time. I'm loving it! So, I went out with Matt last night and wanted to do my hair real quick. DSCN5879 DSCN5891 I got this effect by curling my hair the same way (clip down) all the way around my head. I didn't wrap my hair around the curling iron this time, I used the clip. It is a one inch conair curling iron I got for ten bucks at target. Then after I was done curling I blasted my whole head with my blowdryer on cold air. (I've heard this holds the style). After that I brushed out my hair using my normal hair brush and teased the top a little. I added some glossing cream to control the fly-aways. I liked the style but I think wrapping my hair around the iron gives me more volume towards the the top of my head. But it was good to try this. =) DSCN5882 This is just a shot of my new gold colored tunnels and my new gold chain necklace. I found it at For Love 21 and I loooove it! <3 Cassie

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