Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Strong is the New Skinny

Hey there! So I finally had an epiphany about my health situation the other night. I was at Benihana's with the family for a birthday dinner (nearly everyone I know was born in May!). I headed to the bathroom and noticed my arms looked weird. It was as if the natural elasticity of my skin was starting to give, like my arms were not meant to hold that much fat. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not overweight and I don't believe young girls should be too worried about their weight. I think the focus should be on health. However I have NOT been healthy in the least lately! I was eating to the point of uncomfortable fullness and then just sitting in my room watching various shows. Some of my habits I don't want to give up, but if sitting watching online TV is something I love to do, I need to get off my tushy and workout so I can feel good when I do go out! So I developed a plan. THE WORKOUT: DSCN5871 It looks innocent enough, but in about 20 min you will feel like this... DSCN5868 But then, when you've realized what a beast you are, you will feel more like this... DSCN5874 I also lifted some weights to take care of my arm issue. My new motto is "Strong is the New Skinny". The goal isn't to look a certain way for everyone around me, but to feel powerful and in control of my body and health. I've also been eating lots more fruits and veggies and have been cutting back on meat and dairy. Maybe I'll even feel confident to put up some bikini pictures eventually! =) What gets you moving? <3 Cass

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